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#154: When A Woman Is Free To Be Herself Sex Takes On A Spiritual Dimension

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, March 03, 2016

When a woman gets to a level of arousal where she’s in a different ‘zone’ - love-drunk, in a heightened state, an altered state of consciousness - the sex changes.

There’s a different energy in that state, strange things happen. You can become aware of different sensations in your body: feelings of ecstasy and rapture, of transport and transcendence.

The description of this state sounds almost religious.

The pleasure is there, yet it’s not just genital, it suffuses the body and the mind.

Sex in this state can be wild and crazy or it can be completely serene, and it can go from one to the other and everywhere in-between.

She can spend time in what appears to be suspended animation, barely breathing, hovering in an ecstatic state.

She can feel animal energies move through her - such as big cats and snakes - and she will roar and writhe in tune with these energies.

She can feel goddess energies - energies of compassion, of destruction, of power, of lust.

She can sense the presence of beings and entities, gods and goddesses.

She can feel herself merge with her partner or merge with the entire universe.

She can only get to these states if she is free to be herself. She must free herself of the limiting beliefs she holds around sex, let go of any awkwardness or shame around sex, ditch the myths around what she feels she should or shouldn’t do - and her partner has to do this too.

Until she can be this free, the sex remains in the physical realm. Physical sex is great, no problems there, but if you want to experience the truly sublime then sex needs to be spiritual; and to be truly spiritual the woman has to be completely free to be her true self.

And it going there, she takes her partner with bliss.


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