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#31: Teaching Tantra in Thailand

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, May 09, 2011

I ran a Tantra workshop last night, here on a permaculture farm in northern Thailand.

It was magical. The fact that the lights blew just as we started and we had to rely on candles added to the magic.

Twenty of us sat in a circle, alternating men and women, in the open-aired pergola which is the hub of the farm. The night was still and the candles cast a soft flickering light around the group.

To bond the group we shared yellow energy from our left ears, passing it through to the right ear of the person on our left, till the whole group was connected through our ears by this yellow energy.

We then moved into breath work. This is the basis of all energetic and spiritual work, sexual or otherwise. Bringing your breath deeper into your torso, so you’re breathing with your belly, is fundamental to linking your entire body and being able to circulate energy freely.

Then we worked our pelvic floor muscles. This girdle of muscle in our pelvis needs to be toned to keep us strong physically and to be able to move energy.

From there we practiced moving energy, circulating it around our bodies, following the Microcosmic Circuit. Using breath, the pelvic floor and an uncluttered mind, this is a powerful way to move energy around the body, keeping it charged up and vital.

Next we focused on our chakras, with a guided meditation to identify and feel them, then to breathe to each using the Flute Breath.

Once everyone was breathing freely and the energy flowing internally, we did partner work. First, a fire breath kneeling and facing each other. This is the one which often gets people going into a whole body energetic orgasm. No-one overtly did this time, although one couple told me they had to stop for fear of embarrassing themselves, and a few others were clearly shaking and trembling, if without the accompanying sounds.

A calmer exercise followed, to sit cross-legged facing each other and touch each others heart chakras, and lower chakras (couples who were actually lovers touched the base chakra, pairs who weren’t touched the second chakra), circulating love energy and sexual energy.

Finally, we stood and held hands. The women circulated their love energy from their heart chakras, down their left arm and into the person on their left’s right arm; the men circulated their sexual energy from their sexual chakras up their torso and down their left arm, so that both energies merged and flowed around the circle. Then we swapped. Then we circulated both love and sexual energy within our bodies and around the circle, hands touching, then slightly apart.

I had to stop there as I was about to go into a full-blown energy orgasm - pure ecstasy!

Wonderful stuff!

As I said to the group, this is permaculture on the inside. They were there studying how to harmonise the world on the outside, this is how to harmonise themselves on the inside.

This is how we will transform the world, inside and out.


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