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#67: Breathe Together - It's Tantric Foreplay

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, January 14, 2013

Breathing together is one of the best ways to sync in and get in the mood for some loving. Here are five breathing activities to do:

For all these activities, you sit opposite each other and I suggest you play some cool music and do the activity for one song (two if it requires you to take it in turns).

Alternate Breathing

As one breathes in the other breathes out. You feel the breath travel across from one to the other. If you’re having trouble noticing the breath you can place your hands on each other’s chest.

Sound the Breath
As one breathes out, the other makes a sound. It could be a simple ‘aaahhh’ sound, or something more song-like. Do this for one song, then swap roles.

Name the Breath
As you breathe out, say the name of your partner. You can take it in turns to do this, with one breathing and saying the name of their partner for, say, five breaths and then the other doing it for five breaths. Another version is when you both do alternate breathing while saying your partner’s name on the out breath. This way you alternating saying the partner’s name while you are alternating the breathing.

Fire Breath
As you breathe in rock forward on your pelvis so that you move towards each other, and relax back on the out-breath. You’re breathing in and out together. If this gets quite intense, make sure you spend time allowing the energy to settle afterwards.

Kiss the Breath
Lean forward and gently bring your lips together, then simply breathe. Keep the movement of your lips and tongue to a minimum, only a little now and again to relax or reposition.

As you do these breathing activities, note how you feel, what the energy in your body is doing, how it moves. These can be lovely activities to do in their own right, or they can be a kind of Tantric foreplay, enabling you to connect before moving into more genital lovemaking.


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