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#147: A Beautiful Vulva is Like A Luscious Hamburger

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, December 03, 2015

A wonderful new book has just been released, 101 Vagina. The left-hand pages each have a black and white photo of a woman, front on, from belly to thigh, nude. On the right hand page is a piece written by the women about her genitals and how she feels about them.

So, depending on how much hair she has, you can see her vulva, looking like a little hamburger nestled between her thighs.

I love those little hamburgers! And from what I’ve heard from men, they do too!

It’s such a shame though that so many women don’t love their little hamburger. To the extent that there is a boom in women, particularly young women, having their genitals mutilated by plastic surgeons so that their hamburger looks like just the bun, without any filling.

I’m using deliberately emotional language here, because I think it’s appalling that women have such a negative image of their bodies that they think spending large amounts of money to mutilate a part of the body that is rarely shown, is a desirable thing.

Who said a woman’s inner labia should be shorter than her outer labia? Or that the edges of her outer labia should meet perfectly so that all you see is a crease? Why is it that women’s genitals are supposed to look those of like pre-pubescent girls - hairless and with only a crease on show? (Which begs the next question, if the genitals are supposed to be pre-pubescent, why then are the breasts supposed to look like lactating mothers - full and round, almost bursting?)

There are a couple of wonderful documentaries, one Australian and one British, about how censorship of girlie magazines requires that only the “genital crease” be shown - the hamburger is not allowed to have any filling at all. No doubt this has led to women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies not looking air-brushed.

Another wonderful book is The Heart of the Flower, which beautifully portrays wide-open genitals. While from the front they look like hamburgers, when open, they do look like flowers - with a very wide range of petals!

The saddest think I think about women feeling their genitals need to be “simplified” is that they actually look more boring. It’s like picking the petals off a flower and leaving just the bud because in some screwy way, the petals are “offensive”.

Open flowers, like mature vulvas, are luscious things, diverse in their appearance, with unique textures and patterns and scents. Take away all that and you’re left with plastic Barbie doll groins - uniform, soulless, and ultimately, not at all sexual.

Bring back the appreciation of lusciousness in vaginas! Love your overflowing hamburger! Love your petaled flower, no matter the shape and form of your petals!

Let’s love our luscious lady parts - our vaginas, vulvas, yonis, honey pots, cinnabar crevices, bajingo or whatever you call her.

She is unique,
She is yours and
She is lovely!

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