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Episode 3:6 Sound Intimacy

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, August 22, 2014

A great and often under appreciated aspect of sexuality is that of harmony, and one of our most easily accessed paths to harmony is through sound. In this Tantric Lounge episode sound therapist Lia Smith talks to Xavier and I about how she uses sound to evoke both harmony within ourselves and with our partners. We also explore the issue of intimacy and how we align ourselves through sound and vibration.

Guest Sex Geek Info
  Lia is an artist, bio-energetic medicine practitioner and birth Doula. Her interdisciplinary practice finds her weaving together skills and interests between the art and health worlds. In recent years she founded a wellness centre in the heart of Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach. Currently based in the Blue Mountains, she practices as a therapist and performance artist Australia-wide and abroad. She offers one-to-one wellness consultations, energetic body balances, bio energetic qi gong, sound healing and birth attendant services. She runs workshops in a range of areas, from authentic relating and movement, creative arts labs and sound intimacy experiences.

Lia has been engaged in personal mind, body, spirit and soul practice for over 16 years. She has had the honour of assisting many others along the way. Her approach embraces both contemporary medical knowledge and ancient medicine traditions; drawing on the art and science of what is available and translating between the two for the best possible outcome.


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