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Episode 2:6 Tantric Development for Men

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So much of my work is men is about how they can develop themselves sexually and spiritually. As one young man said to me recently, sex without the spiritually is empty. I love it when men come to me to grow in this way. There’s often a feeling that spirituality is somehow soft and unmanly - far from it! The young man just mentioned is a war vet who fought in Afghanistan, there’s nothing unmanly about him. Just as there is nothing unmanly about the tradesmen, truck-drivers, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, etc. who come to me for sexual and spiritual growth. Tantra is all about developing spiritually through the every-day, including through sexual connection. This means men need to grow in both their spiritual understanding and practice and in their sexual understanding and growth. Find out how this can occur in this week’s Tantric Lounge….

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