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#249: Getting "Love Drunk"

Jacqueline Hellyer - Saturday, January 26, 2019

You can tell when a woman is really aroused: her face glazes over.

She’ll feel kind of “stoned” or “love drunk” on the inside and she’ll look it on the outside.

At that point her brain is switching off (or at least, the left “logical” side of her brain), and her speech centres shut down so she can’t really talk. It’s quite an altered state of consciousness.

When she gets to that state she’s acting on pure feeling, there’s no control or planning or thinking that she should or shouldn’t do something. She just is. That’s when her sexual expression becomes pure and real.

Interestingly, it’s also when she can become the wildest. Because at that point the limiting beliefs and thought processes that get in the way of true sexual expression aren’t functioning - so she’s truly free.

Some women drink alcohol or take party drugs as a short cut to get to this stage, where the inhibitions are gone and she’s feeling free. That’s not a healthy way to get there though. It’s far better to get there naturally.

This requires real letting-go, which is tricky for modern women with all the busyness in our heads. The difficulty is compounded by past hurts or resentments that keep us on our guard. And the current porno approach to sex where it’s all about acting rather than expressing means women will never get there because they have to “do” rather than “be”.

The paradox is, that if you want to truly be the way those porn actresses are acting - wild and free and really into it - you need to build up to it, take the time to get love drunk.

You can’t force love drunk, there’s no quick fix. Although having said that, the more a woman keeps her sexual energy simmering, and the more trained she is at letting go (through meditation for example), then the easier it is for her to get there. And of course, she has to feel completely safe with her partner, so it’s vital that the two of you are getting on exceptionally well and that she trusts you implicitly.

Get her love-drunk and she’ll take you both to heaven…


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