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Episode 3:8 Sex in the Time of Menopause

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, September 05, 2014

Menopause affects 100% of women who live long enough to experience it. But what exactly is menopause and how does it affect a woman’s sex life and the sex lives of her partners? In this show we’ll be talking to Heather Cameron, Director and CEO of the Menopause Resource Centre, a not-for-profit humanitarian venture dedicated to increasing awareness about menopause and to empowering women about their choices during what can be a challenging time of life and sexual life.

Guest info
After having married, raised three daughters and run several successful businesses, at the age of 50 Heather Cameron’s life changed dramatically when her menopause started. Surprised, amazed and exhausted by menopause’s frequently debilitating symptoms, Heather embarked on a continuing journey to know more about what was happening her body, mind and spirit. Disappointed and frustrated by the difficulty of finding information about menopause that was easy to access or understand, in 2013 Heather decided to found The Menopause Resource Centre. It’s mission – to give all women an enduring resource where they can find answers, support and empowerment and to break the silence and taboos surrounding a life change that affects all women and the people they love.

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