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#195: How To Live A Tantric Life

Jacqueline Hellyer - Saturday, April 01, 2017

Live ‘La Vida Tantrika’ - the Tantric life!

The Tantric approach sees joy and pleasure as essential to spirituality. It’s about harnessing the power of pleasure without attachment to that pleasure, desire without craving; finding the spiritual in all aspects of life, really living life to the full.

You know when you’re on track because you’ll feel a lightness, joy, ease (although it’s not always ‘easy’) - and a sense of alignment with your purpose.

To get there you need to let go of judgment and craving - these two biggies get in the way. You can’t be attached to ideas or desires.

Then you bring consciousness to every moment of life, living with gratitude, loving with open heart. It’s about appreciating the subtle, finding the ecstasy in the spaces in-between, as much as letting go to intensity and passion.

What’s this got to do with sex? Because sex is so important in life, until you bring it fully into your Vida Tantrika you’re not going to get anywhere spiritually. Having lower energies such as shame, guilt and craving attached to such a primary part of your self is inevitably going to hold you back.

I invite you take sex out of the box and fully incorporate it into your life. As you let go of blockages and can let the sexual energy flow freely through you it will bring with it a sense of vitality, joy and ease. You’ll feel a sense of the spiritual and sexual merging and you’ll find yourself tapping into the sublime, creating a life of peace, purpose, pleasure and love.

Learn more about living a Tantric life at my Tantric Lounge workshops and tune in to my Tantric Lounge Radio Show.


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