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#157: Love Your Breasts

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, April 08, 2016

Soft, rounded curves of femininity: breasts are the archetypal symbol of womanliness.

It’s probably the reason we women have so much trouble with them! They’re too small or too big, too saggy or the nipples are funny… We don’t pay them a lot of attention, and when we do, it’s generally negative thoughts.

In the Tantric tradition though, a woman’s breasts are her positive pole, and it’s essential that we focus positively on our positive pole (and that our partners do too).

The lack of attention to a woman’s breasts and over attention to her genitals is one of the reasons why women can find it hard to become aroused sexually. So it’s important that a woman’s breasts are honoured by her partner as part of their sexual play, that her partner caresses and holds them with love and desire (and some delicious nipple play too if she’s into that!)

A lovely simple exercise you can do to become more aware of your breasts and their beautiful energy is to sit facing each other. If the partner is male he brings his attention to his penis (which is a man’s positive pole), feeling the power and goodness of his penis energy and allowing it flow over to his partner. She brings her attention to her breasts, feeling the power and goodness of her breast energy and allowing it to flow over to her partner. Once you’re feeling that he can also focus on welcoming in her breast energy and she can welcome in his penis energy. You can gaze into each other’s eyes as you do this, or keep them closed. Do this for a few minutes, or the length of a song. If you’re both women, share your breast energy together.

Don’t leave it just for couple activity though, a good bit of self-loving when it comes to breasts is essential.

Do you love your breasts? Do you anoint them with oil or lotions and caress them regularly? It’s important that you do. Pay them loving attention and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself as a woman.

Whenever you’re naked, in the shower or towelling down afterwards, spend a little time honouring your breasts. Stroke them with oil, touch them gently, send them love and positive energy. Do this before self-pleasuring too for a more complete experience.

If you honour your breasts, give them lots of cuddles, treat them well and love them, and allow and invite your partner to do the same, you’ll feel a lot more positive about yourself as a woman, about your sexuality, and you’ll have better love-making because of it.

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