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We’ve been called “The Enlightened Shock-Jocks” as we present sex like no one else - at times deep, at times hilarious, always inspiring. Listen to entertaining conversations with guest Sex Geeks from the leading edge of sexuality, as we discuss everything to do with sex, love and intimacy.

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Episode 3:12 Broadening Your Sexual Repertoire

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, October 03, 2014

Spice alone tastes terrible, add it to something fundamentally good and it takes it to new realms of experience... Broadening your sexual repertoire and opening up to the amazing life-enhancing potential of a fulfilled sexuality requires a strong basis. If we divide our sexuality into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sexuality, it’s vital that our emotional sexuality and our spiritual sexuality are developed so that we have the safety and therefore the freedom to explore the physical and mental dimensions of our sexuality, to spice things up.

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Episode 3.11: Female Orgasmicness and the New Sexual Revolution

Jacqueline Hellyer - Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jacqueline calls it the Third Wave of Sexuality, today’s guest Sex Geek calls it the New Sexual Revolution. Alison Petrie is a Tantric Practitioner, Healer and Workshop Facilitator. Today we talk with her about this new revolution, what is it, why is Tantra such a big part of it, and what does women’s orgasmicness have to do with it? What is orgasmicness anyway? Find out here, on The Tantric Lounge!

About Today’s Sex Geek: Alison Petrie

Alison began her working life as an IT professional in a busy, corporate, male dominated environment. A need for more meaning, fulfillment and a curiosity for all things spiritual lead to a career change into psychology/counselling and energy healing. Having opened up on many levels through study, yoga, meditation, energy work and psychic development and having always had a healthy interest in sex, the next question emerged “Can sex be even better ?” which started a deep dive into the world of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and a reclaiming and valuing of her feminine essence and the need for it in the world.

Alison is now... read more

Episode 3:10: All Tied Up in the Japanese Art of Bondage

Jacqueline Hellyer - Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shibari - the Art of Japanese Bondage has a long history. What is it exactly, what is its appeal to modern Westerners, why are we discussing it on the Tantric Lounge, why are there photos of Jacqueline being tied up and why is she having trouble speaking?

Shibari is Tantric in essence - it’s about deep connection, sensuality, beauty and poetry. Today we talk to Hebari, head teacher at the Rope Dojo in Sydney’s inner suburbs and curator of the Sydney Rope Festival. Listen and look at photos as he ties Jacqueline up during this episode...

Guest Info
David (known as Hebari) has practiced Shibari for 16 years, travelling to Japan regularly to study with his mentors. He has performed and taught workshops all over the world. David began the Sydney Rope Dojo in 2011 where people can come and take classes weekly. The focus of the Dojo is to enable people connect with their partners with a heavy focus on teaching safe practices.

Photos of Hebari tying up Jacqueline on the show:


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Episode 3.9: Meet the Seven Goddesses of Sex

Jacqueline Hellyer - Saturday, September 13, 2014

On today’s show we’re not interviewing a Sex Geek, we’re talking to Seven Sex Goddesses! Or at least, Jacqueline is introducing us to the concept of the Seven Goddesses of Sex and how accessing their energies can help modern women come into the fullness of their gorgeous sexuality, with stronger self-image, more desire and greater sexual response!

I've been working on this concept for over six years and I've just released the book. Each Goddess is accompanied by a fictional, historical erotic story to convey the feeling of these energies in a way that is accessible for modern-day woman. Then through 24 illustrative erotic stories readers follow the experiences of three fictional modern women as they experience the energy of each Goddess in their lives. I call it educational erotica - written to educate and inspire!

Available exclusively on my site - purchase Seven Sex Goddesses here.

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Episode 3:8 Sex in the Time of Menopause

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, September 05, 2014

Menopause affects 100% of women who live long enough to experience it. But what exactly is menopause and how does it affect a woman’s sex life and the sex lives of her partners? In this show we’ll be talking to Heather Cameron, Director and CEO of the Menopause Resource Centre, a not-for-profit humanitarian venture dedicated to increasing awareness about menopause and to empowering women about their choices during what can be a challenging time of life and sexual life.

Guest info
After having married, raised three daughters and run several successful businesses, at the age of 50 Heather Cameron’s life changed dramatically when her menopause started. Surprised, amazed and exhausted by menopause’s frequently debilitating symptoms, Heather embarked on a continuing journey to know more about what was happening her body, mind and spirit. Disappointed and frustrated by the difficulty of finding information about menopause that was easy to access or understand, in 2013 Heather decided to found The Menopause Resource Centre. It’s mission – to give all women an enduring resource where they can find answers, support and empowerment and to break the silence and taboos surrounding a life change that affects all women and the people they love.

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Episode 3:7 Sexological Bodywork

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, August 29, 2014

Today Xavier and I are chatting with two guest Sex Geeks - Deej Juventin and Uma Furman, two of Australia’s top somatic sex educators and practitioners. They practice and teach Sexological Bodywork, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns. It’s a fabulous modality for healing which includes breath work, touch, Taoist Bodywork, mapping, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching. This is yet another fascinating conversation down, on The Tantric Lounge!

Guest Sex Geek info
Deej and Uma are leading somatic sex educators. Focusing on empowering people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to lead more embodied erotic lives, their work is highly experiential, and delivered with safety, heart, and integrity. Based in Brisbane, Australia, they run their programs internationally. They teach the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork Professional Training in Australia and Europe, and are founding members of the Institute of Somatic Sexology and the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia.

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Episode 3:6 Sound Intimacy

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, August 22, 2014

A great and often under appreciated aspect of sexuality is that of harmony, and one of our most easily accessed paths to harmony is through sound. In this Tantric Lounge episode sound therapist Lia Smith talks to Xavier and I about how she uses sound to evoke both harmony within ourselves and with our partners. We also explore the issue of intimacy and how we align ourselves through sound and vibration.

Guest Sex Geek Info
  Lia is an artist, bio-energetic medicine practitioner and birth Doula. Her interdisciplinary practice finds her weaving together skills and interests between the art and health worlds. In recent years she founded a wellness centre in the heart of Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach. Currently based in the Blue Mountains, she practices as a therapist and performance artist Australia-wide and abroad. She offers one-to-one wellness consultations, energetic body balances, bio energetic qi gong, sound healing and birth attendant services. She runs workshops in a range of areas, from authentic relating and movement, creative arts labs and sound intimacy experiences.

Lia has been engaged in personal mind, body, spirit and soul practice for over 16 years.... read more

Episode 3:5 A Mature Woman’s Sexual Mission

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, August 15, 2014

Our guest on The Tantric Lounge this week has a fascinating story. A good country Catholic wife, mother of seven, Trish Lehman left all that behind in her 50s to pursue her sexual awakening. Moving to the big city she became a, well, she’s not quite sure what to call herself, a sex worker, a surrogate, a bodyworker. Essentially she provides loving touch to those in need, often older men or disabled men, but she’s also amazed at the younger men who seek her services. She’s an amazing woman, come and meet her this week on The Tantric Lounge.

Guest Sex Geek Info
A good country Catholic wife, mother of seven, Trish Lehman left all that behind In her 50s to pursue her sexual awakening. Moving to the big city she became a, well, she’s not quite sure what to call herself, a sex worker, a surrogate, a bodyworker. Essentially she provides loving touch to those in need, often older men or disabled men, but she’s also amazed at the younger men who seek her services.

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Episode 3:4 The Future of Sex

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, August 08, 2014

What is the future of sex? Join me and co-presenter Xavier as we talk with futurist, Ross Dawson. Teledildonics, Virtual Sex, Quasi-holographics, are just a few of the technological innovations that could transform our sex lives. Fascinating stuff, but where does love, connection, spirituality fit in with all this techno-sex. Tune in for what is bound to be a fascinating conversation with a Futurist Sex Geek!

Guest Sex Geek Info
Ross Dawson is globally recognised as a leading futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and authority on business strategy.  Strong demand sees Ross speak frequently at major conferences and internal business events around the world.

He is the best-selling author of books including the prescient Living Networks, which foresaw the social networking revolution, as well as Trends in the Living Networks, ranked as one of the top business blogs in the world.

Ross’s frequent media appearances include CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC TV, SkyNews, Today and Sunrise, Washington Post and many others.

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Episode 3:3 The Anatomy of Sex

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, July 31, 2014

The human body is an incredible pleasure machine, the sensations and experiences we can potentially experience are incredible. Until recently though, it wasn’t really an aspect of science that was studied particularly thoroughly. Even today there is a lot that is unknown or unconfirmed. There’s a lot that is though, and it’s a lot more than you would have learned in school sex ed classes (if you were even lucky enough to get sex ed.) That was more about reproduction than sex, more about how to have babies and not have babies, than about pleasure, intimacy and sexual delight. We’ll be joined in this episode with another of Australia’s great Sex Geeks, Cyndi Darnell, who is creating a fabulous project on sexual anatomy. Join us to find out more about your fabulous body and it’s awesome sexual potential!

Guest Info
Cyndi Darnell is one of Australia's leading sex therapists with over 20 years experience studying human sexuality from the clinical (M.HSc / Grad Dip C/HS) to the esoteric (Sexological Bodywork and Tantra).

Her work and comment has been sought for media around the country. She was a co-creator... read more

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