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Episode 2:5 Cathecting the Divine

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An element of Tantra is cathecting (or plugging into) the divine in yourself and your partner. In this episode of The Tantric Lounge we’re going to look at the divine feminine and the divine masculine and consider why it’s important for modern day people to tap into this aspect of themselves and of reality in general. It’s the Bhakti-yoga part of Tantra, the devotional, heart-centred part of spiritual growth - which all leads to more blissful states of being.

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Episode 2:4 Riding the Tantric Wave

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tantra is all about developing spiritually, moving towards transcendence, a state of bliss. As you advance in sexual Tantra love-making feels like a wave of bliss. It feels like you're surfing through the waves of bliss. It’s very different to the standard of bigger-harder-faster sex of the West. In this episode we’re going to be looking at what it takes to be able to do this. How do you discipline your body, mind and emotions to be able to become so unattached to outcome that you have such an outcome?! It’s a paradox - the doing of not doing, the feeling of not feeling. Yep, this week folks we’re getting down and deep into the spirituality of it all. Tune in to find out more, down on The Tantric Lounge…


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Episode 2:3 Bringing Kids Up Sex Positive

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More than ever, children and adolescents need to be well educated about sex. If young people are well informed, if they know that their sexuality is a good and powerful thing, they will use it in a positive way to enhance their lives, however that may manifest for them as individuals with their own unique sexuality. Given the current ‘porn star VS prude’ approach to sex in our society - where you’re either supposed to be out there having crazy sex or you’re the prude who thinks sex is somehow ‘wrong’ - this is a big ask. It’s particularly big given that so many parents have issues around their own sexuality. So how do you raise your kids to have a positive healthy attitude sex? Tune in to The Tantric Lounge to find out…

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Episode 2:2 Living La Vida Tantrika

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Westerners love to put things in boxes, especially sex. Sex is something different from life, something ‘other’. So people tend to think that Tantric Sex is replacing the ‘sex’ box with the ‘Tantric sex’ box. If Tantra is more about life than just about sex, then what is a Tantric Life? How do you live La Vida Tantrica? In this episode Xavier and I look at how you live outside the ‘automaton’ life so many people lead these days and start ‘Tantracizing’ life so that you experience the profound in the everyday. To use one of Xavier’s lovely analogies “What’s the Tantra Dust recipe?” Tune in find out…

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Episode 2:1 Tantric Myth-Busting

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Tantric Lounge is back for its second season, sponsored by the fabulous folk at Lelo, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate products. The Tantric Lounge remains a sleaze-free zone, devoted to beauty and meaning in sex, love and intimacy - this is where sex is an art and sex is a science. But it’s not just about sex, at least, not just about what so many people think Tantric sex is about. So in this episode my co-host Xavier and I are doing some Tantric myth-busting! Is Tantra some weird hippie practice that involves hours of sex and orgies? Or is it an approach to living, a way of being in the world that encompasses sexuality rather than marginalising it or trying to ‘transcend’ it? Find out this week, down on The Tantric Lounge.


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Episode 1:13 Beforeplay

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Over the past few episodes we’ve been looking at women and looking at men, now we’re going to look at them both together and talk about couples and sex. But there’s no use talking about sex before we talk about getting to sex. It’s where modern couples fall down and in this show we’re going to look at why this happens and what to do about. When you get the ‘getting to sex’ part right, you get the sex right. I call it the Beforeplay…

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Episode 1:12 The Sex Brain

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In this program Xavier and I will be talking with Grant Soosalu about the Sex Brain. Grant and his colleague Marvin Oka have developed the concept of mbraining, based on our multiple brains. The head, heart and gut brains are well known in science, and reflect ancient tantric and Taoist knowledge. Based on this ancient wisdom, Grant and I suspect there is also a Sex Brain, based around the genitals. Each of the other brains has it’s primary function, so what could be the prime function of the sex brain, and how do you get them all aligned so that you living fully congruently?

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Episode 1:11 Therapy With A Twist of Tantra

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What does a Sex Therapist do, and how does Tantra fit into contemporary sex therapy? Find out in this program! Xavier quizzes me in depth on the kind of cases I have and how I deal with them. With lots of case studies of real life clients this is a fascinating peek into what goes on in my consulting rooms. You might even find quite a bit of yourself in there....

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Episode 1:10 Great Sex? Release the Goddess Within!

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Last week we talked about woman - stuff you need to know as a woman to feel good about your womanliness and your sexuality. This week we’re going to look at how you take that empowered sense of female sexuality into partnered sex, for fabulous results. I’lll be showing you how to release the goddess within! In fact, I'll talk about all seven sex goddesses within! So please join me and my co-host Xavier down on The Tantric Lounge to discover so much more about female sexuality than you might ever have imagined…

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Episode 1:9 Secret Women’s Business

Jacqueline Hellyer - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This week’s program is all about women! We’ll be talking about what every woman (and her partner!) needs to know about her biology, her psychology and her energy to be able to feel luscious and sexual. We won’t say too much more here, as this is secret women’s business. So join me and my co-host Xavier down on The Tantric Lounge to discover the secrets…

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