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#74: "My Ejaculation Opens the Door to Deeper Orgasm"

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, May 27, 2013

 Photo by Collis from Pexels

In the Tantric and Taoist traditions it's often recommended that men should abstain from ejaculating, which is a challenging concept for modern men!

I believe it’s not about you should or shouldn’t, but how you orgasm. So here are some thoughts from a man who practices mindful love-making, and agrees with me that it's not what you do but how you do it.

“I find my orgasms to be very different from before, very meaningful. I feel grounded, very complete and even more connected during and after the ejaculation.

“Everything leading up to the orgasm - our interaction, the setting of the room, the approach to foreplay and all the stages, it doesn’t matter how long we make love for, at the point of orgasm it’s just completely different.

“Before, it was more a carnal thing, there wasn’t so much intimacy and connection. At the moment of orgasm I felt disconnected. It was a big release, then ‘I’m done.’

“Now at the point of ejaculation it’s like, ‘Hey!’ I come even closer. We’re even more connected. I feel: this is amazing, ‘Wow! This is a whole different level! I don't want to pull out, I don’t want to be disconnected... read more

#73: To Come or Not To Come

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, May 06, 2013

 Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

One of the main differences between 'standard' modern sexual practices and the more alternative, spiritual sexual practices is the attitude to orgasm.

In the mainstream, orgasm is generally considered a highly desirable, usually necessary, part of sex, and generally the bigger the better and the more the merrier.

In the Tantric/Taoist approaches there is a strong emphasis on not having an orgasm. Which to many modern Westerners seems crazy, especially for those who think the whole point of sex is orgasm.

So, who’s right? Should we or shouldn’t we? Is it more healthful/spiritual/ecstatic/pleasurable/fulfilling to come or not to come?

Well, to me it’s less about whether you come or not, and much more about how you come.

You see, nothing in life is black and white, particularly when it comes to sex.

To believe that we shouldn’t come is as limiting as believing that you have to come.

I certainly encourage everyone to move away from the mindset, firmly entrenched in the Adolescent Male Masturbatory Model of Sex: that sex is about a sexual... read more

#56: Pelvic Floor Pleasures - Advanced

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, July 09, 2012

Once you've been practicing the basic exercises for a while, you should feel a change in your pelvis, feeling more present and connected to your genital region. This is a good thing.

Give your pelvic floor a squeeze now, notice how it connects you to your pelvic area. Breath into your belly and do some more squeezes, nice and relaxed.

Let’s look at some advanced pleasures;

Connect with your Pelvis
 The first advanced pleasure is simply that - to connect with your pelvis. So many people are disconnected from their pelvises. Increasing the connection will help men last longer and men and women to have better orgasms.

Recharge Yourself
 You can also use your pelvic floor to draw energy up your body, to recharge yourself. Visualise an energy centre in your pelvis. It could be a flame, a cloud of electricity, a pulsing gem, whatever comes to mind. Then as you squeeze and relax, keeping your breath low and calm, imagine that with the squeezes you are drawing energy up your body, either up your spine or up your middle.

Please note that if you’re doing a lot of energy raising in this way, it’s important that you also lower and centre the energy at the end of... read more

#51: How to Master the Art of Vaginal Stimulation

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, April 23, 2012

Once you’ve navigated your partner’s vagina and got to know the G, A and Ohh Spots a little better let’s look at how you can stimulate all those good spots for maximum effect.

 Before you get anywhere near her genitals though, make sure your partner is well and truly aroused and wanting your fingers to enter.

Remember, it’s about invitation not penetration!

The G-Spot:

Insert a finger, run it along the corrugated ridge that’s her urethral sponge until you get to the end, hook your finger on the edge and pull back towards her vaginal opening. A tickling type movement might be enough or you may need to be quite firm. Try it with one finger initially and then try it with two, either pulling with both fingers together, or waggling your fingers so they alternate stroking that point. You can also try rubbing around or stroking across the spot.

She may find the sensation unpleasant initially, with an urge to pee, in which case ask her to relax and have a sense of pushing out with her vaginal muscles. Build up to this though, try a few pulls then relax, a few more. Don’t expect her to love it in the first session, or even the first few sessions. It might even be that she’ll never... read more

#48: We All Need To Be Balanced in Our Masculine and Feminine Sides

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, March 12, 2012

I received a passionate response from a man in relation to my recent blog post: “Feminine Receptivity and the Go-Getter Kind of Girl”:

"... "And importantly, they don’t ‘do’ anything to catch a man, rather they allow him to prove himself. A woman who is truly in her feminine knows her value and worth, she’s no eager beaver..." And yet a man presumably cannot just know his own value and worth and let women prove themselves to him? Sorry, you do write wonderful articles, but I think I might be saying something that all men feel these days, but don't know how to express.”

He makes a good point, and I agree. That blog was written in response to a specific question about whether strong successful women can be feminine, so was written focusing on women. Let me look at the situation from both points of view.

For so long our society has devalued the feminine and lauded the masculine. Which meant that for centuries we had an overly dominant masculine, one that was very patriarchal, all about control and dominance; and we had an overly weak feminine, one that was pathetic, weak and dependent.

With the social changes of the 1970s women rightly declared that they were sick of being second-class citizens,... read more

#45: The Etiquette of Observing Breasts

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, January 30, 2012

I was asked this question from a man recently:

"Recently I asked the folks at "Dear Cupid" a question about the etiquette of when a man may permissibly glance at a woman's breasts. For some reason they found my question "inappropriate to publish." To me given the fact that heterosexual relationships start with a man and women visually interacting with one another that the question of when it is okay to glance at a woman's breasts seems extraordinarily fundamental. Many men don't seem to know that it isn't bad to look because hardly anybody tells them they can. So what is the deal and can't somebody write something on this?" 

This was my reply:

Regarding men looking at women's breasts: of course you like it. It's natural!

That's why women evolved breasts, because we walk upright so you see her chest (you don't need obvious breasts to breastfeed a child, other primates don't have them, and very flat-chested women can nurse just fine).

In fact, a study (whose reference escapes me) proved that when men look at women's breasts every day, even photos of breasts, they were much calmer and happier than men who didn't. As to the etiquette of looking at women's breasts - be subtle, no woman wants a man to address her... read more

#41: A Sensual Man Makes A Great Lover

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, November 07, 2011

What is the number one thing that makes a man a great lover?

His sensuality.

Without sensuality, when a man makes love to his partner, there can be no real connection. Without that connection, the sex becomes uninteresting, even a turn-off for the woman, and the sex dies.

With sensuality, a man can be both tender and commanding, that wonderful combination of the Yin and Yang of a man. This enables a woman to be both yielding and strong, that wonderful combination of the Yin and Yang of a woman.

What that simply means is that when a man is in touch with his sensuality he can really connect with his woman. This enables her to let go with trust and with desire. She can truly open herself to him. She feels his desire as strong without being aggressive and she can yield and open herself up to it.

With sensuality a man can enable his partner’s “energy” to heat her up to boiling point, so that her sexual response is powerful and ecstatic - way more than just a physical response to genital stimulation . You see, when a man tunes into his sensuality his skill as a lover goes way past his physical “technique”. It becomes much less about his “doing” than... read more

#32: Men Need a Muse Not Just A Vagina

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, May 23, 2011

I know men intimately. It’s one of the blessings of my work. Hundreds of men have opened themselves up to me, baring their souls, telling me how they feel at the most basic, the most sensitive and the most intimate levels of their being.

One thing I have come to realise - men need a muse.

To a man, his beloved is so much more than just someone to have sex with. She is his inspiration, his reason for being, she is what gives him meaning and drive in life. When a man connects deeply with his woman, when he makes beautiful love with her, he feels all-powerful, as though he could conquer the world - and he does!

Unfortunately, because we’ve had a back-to-front view of sexuality in western society for so long (millennia), society as a whole doesn’t realise this. Men aren’t going to say anything because they’ve been brought up to suppress themselves and their emotions. They’re also dealing with a male stereotype that doesn’t match them, so they often feel wrong.

Worse still, women don’t get it. They’ve bought into the myth that men are these sex-driven creatures who just want to ‘get their end in’. It’s so not the case. Men need to connect with their woman.... read more

#24: Fire and Water: The Masculine and Feminine Sexual Energies

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, December 27, 2010

The masculine sexual energy is like fire: it comes on quickly, burns brightly and extinguishes quickly.

The feminine sexual energy is like water: it’s slow to heat up, but once it’s boiling it will boil and boil and boil and boil…

So if we divide sex into two phases, desire and response, then the masculine has more energy in the desire phase and the feminine has more energy in the response phase.

 This is why men generally tend to have a stronger libido, and why women have a greater range and intensity of arousal and orgasmic response.

Ideally in the sexual act, the man will use his fire energy to heat up the woman’s water energy. She’ll reach heights of arousal and ecstasy that will make him feel absolutely fantastic because he’s the one who got her there. He’ll probably have an orgasm too, but his satisfaction is ultimately in the pleasure he’s given her. The release of all her sexual energy satisfies and nourishes him completely. In this way the sexual circuit is complete and sex is a wonderfully fulfilling, healing, liberating and bonding experience for both of them.

We do have both masculine and feminine energies within us and a well-rounded person will have a reasonably good balance within them. There are also... read more

#19: Not-So-Secret Men's Business

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, October 04, 2010

I am bravely, perhaps fool-hardedly, but definitely doggedly running a Black Belt in the Bedroom seminar on Monday evening.

Why do I say doggedly? Because men are so bloody hard to get to a workshop on sex!

I just got an email from a participant (who’s coming back for the second time) about trying to persuade his mates to attend. He started it by saying: “So Jacqueline, I now have a new-found respect for what it is you do,” because they all said to him: “I’m already a black belt in the bedroom” (although he has persuaded four of them to come along).

The fact is guys, you’re not black belts in the bedroom. Even if you are pretty amazing in the sack, there’s always more to learn. I’ve taught Tantric masters stuff they didn’t know, so believe me, there’s always more.

It is a bit of a male thing not to ask for help (or directions!), but if it’s important enough to you, you will. It’s actually a sign of a master of any skill or sport or art: they keep learning, practicing, experimenting, researching. It’s the same with sex.

In case you need more convincing, I’ve devised this little quiz for you. If you can answer ‘yes’ to every single questions, then you’re... read more

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